Pulling Out the DVDs

It’s been a very long time since my husband or I watched a DVD from our home library. These days we tend to watch movies ordered from Netflix, either streamed or from the Blu-rays that arrive in the mail. We also rent movies directly through Amazon’s instant video.

We were never the type to buy a lot of movies. In fact I don’t know if either of us purchased more than a handful of the films we own. Most came into our house as gifts received over the years from friends and family.

When I started the great purge to remove unwanted belongings from our home I thought long and hard about selling them. Many of them are plain old DVDs and these days everyone is interested in purchasing blu-rays, so I didn’t think I would make much money by getting rid of them.

Rather than giving them away or finding a buyer on eBay I ended up boxing them up and driving them down to our rental home. The DVDs are now lined up on a long narrow shelf next to the TV where guests can use them.

We don’t watch many movies at home, but when we stay at the beach I love to cuddle on the couch with my hubby to watch them. Tonight, rather than turning to Amazon or Netflix, my husband pulled The Game and the The Matrix off the shelf.

We’ve seen both of these movies quite a few times, but somehow or another I never get sick of watching them.

2 thoughts on “Pulling Out the DVDs”

  1. great idea!! I love it when my rentals have games and movies! It is an unexpected touch that makes the place more home-y and gives everyone a reason to sit down and do something together (movies are esp. good when everyone is really tired after a long day outside).

  2. I've recently (this weekend) gotten a crush on Michael Douglas! I don't know what it is, but DH and I watched Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Saturday. And he was yummy. I don't know if it was the way he exudes power, or his powerful manipulation, but he is sure yummy!
    I also have had a HUGE crush on Shia LeBouf….but for some reason, I'm seeing lately crushes on MUCH older men! All fantasy…all actors, but still! I may have to rent The Game now šŸ™‚


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