Coupons, Coupons and More Coupons

My husband has an ancient black and white printer that I’ve been clinging to for years. He kept threatening to replace it with something newer and faster, (it takes nearly ten minutes to print out one sheet of paper), but I really didn’t want to spend the money on a new one.

Once he started his new business he convinced me that it was time to upgrade and I unhappily agreed to let him purchase a new color printer. I must admit the new printer produces colorful documents in a fraction of the time.

My husband couldn’t wait to get rid of the old printer. He brought it downstairs from the home office and told me he’d donate it within the week, but I had other intentions for that old, faithful machine. I asked if we could drive it down to our beach home in North Carolina where I could use it to print coupons.

I am always on the lookout for good bargains and I shop at Rite Aid, CVS and Harris Teeter just about every time we travel south. I’m a long time reader of bargain blogs that match coupons with drugstores and these days everyone knows you often have to print coupons to take advantage of the best deals.

As usual my husband thought my request was just a little bit nutty, but sure enough he agreed to drag that heavy, old machine down to North Carolina. He hooked it up to our local network so I could print coupons directly from my laptop, just like I do at home.

I started printing the very morning he set it up and haven’t spent a weekend down there yet where I haven’t used that old machine. It still takes ten minutes to print my coupons, but I simply queue up my requests and then head to the beach or pool. By the time I come back to the house I have a nice pile to be clipped and sorted.

As we were preparing the house for rental season I was surprised to find the printer stored in one of our owner’s closets. When I asked my husband why he didn’t leave it out for the renters to use he simply said, “I know how much you like having that thing down here and I certainly don’t want one of our guests to mess it up for you.”

I couldn’t stop laughing at the idea that we are now locking up this ancient printer that we initially intended to donate to good will. My husband’s frame of mind changed so quickly. Initially the printer was so invaluable that he considered donating it. Now it’s so valuable he wants to make certain that nothing bad happens to it.

This summer it will sit locked away inside our owner’s closet, but I guarantee it will be back in action, (printing coupons), the first time we return to the beach this fall.

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