A Few Moments of Quiet Pleasure

A few weeks ago I came across a children’s book in Ross called Funky Things to Draw. Something about it’s pink and purple cover called to me. I picked it up and walked straight to the checkout counter. I usually analyze purchases in detail, (even small ones), but this time I didn’t hesitate.

My niece and nephew are too young for it right now, but my brother liked to draw as a child and I figured his children might share similar interests. I brought the book home and added it to their special gift drawer. The drawer is right beside the sheets and towels in our linen closet, so each time I folded the laundry I glanced over at the pink and purple cover.

A week or so ago I felt compelled to pull the book out of storage. I found the perfect notepad and began to draw. I’m not exactly an artist but I enjoy spending a few minutes alone with a pencil and paper. When I’m finished I take my drawings upstairs and show my husband. So far, he’s been able to identify all of the animals in my pictures, which I take as a very good sign.

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  1. That is a good sign. We were playing pictionary the other week and no one’s animals were identifiable. Or they weren’t really animals at all. Heh.


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