Renters Steal the Strangest Things

The rental company for our beach home provides a welcome basket to each of our guests. In my personal opinion it’s a sad excuse for a welcome basket. It contains two rolls of toilet paper, one roll of paper towels, a dish rag and two pitifully small bars of hand soap.

This season I decided to leave a few basic necessities out for our guests. These included two bottles of dishwashing liquid, (one brand new, one half-used), a half-used bottle of laundry detergent, twelve rolls of toilet paper and a stack of garbage bags. I also provided four bottles of Softsoap® hand soap. I placed one, brand-new bottle in each of the three bathrooms and one half-used bottle near the kitchen sink.

When we returned to our vacation home this weekend I noticed that all three of the brand-new hand soap bottles were missing. Even stranger the half-used bottle of hand soap was still sitting beside the sink. Why would a renter steal three bottles of hand soap? Did they leave behind the fourth bottle because it was only half-full?

Over the last few years we’ve had a number of items taken from our home, but three bottles of hand soap is certainly the strangest yet.

3 thoughts on “Renters Steal the Strangest Things”

  1. Some people are compulsive kleptomaniacs

    My mom stole cutlery from airplanes… lol.. and they steal soaps from hotels


  2. My mom has rental property. Whaen people move out, they have taken light fixtures, electrical outlet face plates, doorknobs, actual doors, closet doors, faucet knobs, smoke alarms…the list goes on. It’s crazy!


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