Release Your Stress in Seconds

In last night’s meditation class we focused on taking notice of our surroundings. We paused to listen to the sounds around us and within us. I was amazed by how quickly certain thoughts triggered emotions in my mind. In one instant I felt joy. In another sorrow. I was surprised by the intensity of these emotions. After all I wasn’t speaking to anyone or doing anything.

Today, as I was working from home, I tried to take a few moments every hour or so to reflect. I poked around the Internet for inspiration and came across the following exercise:

First close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and sit completely alone in silence. After a few moments picture in great detail someone you love. See them smile, hear them laugh, then imagine telling the object of your affection how much you love them. Even though you are only thinking of the action, you will immediately begin to feel love and joy.

The body responds to the sensation of love by releasing endorphins, which counteract stress and lower blood pressure. I have fallen in love with this exercise. Every time I follow the instructions I find myself uncontrollably smiling.

2 thoughts on “Release Your Stress in Seconds”

  1. Oh, this sounds great, I’m definitely going to be trying it. I may even make myself a wee little wallet card to remind myself to do it.


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