A Few Places to Get Free Gift Cards

In the next week or so I should receive four free gift cards in the mail. I ordered a $25 Subway gift card from MyCokeRewards. MyCokeRewards.com rewards you for purchasing coke products. In order to accumulate enough points we actually had to purchase quite a lot of soda, so technically I guess this first card is not free, but we would purchase the soda either way, so it’s nice to get a little something extra for being loyal to the Coke brand.

I ordered the second gift card from MyPoints. A lot of frugal bloggers have talked about this site. In essence, you earn points by filling out surveys and clicking on advertising emails. I ordered a $10 CVS gift card from the MyPoints site.

The last two gift cards were ordered from PostPoints. PostPoints is a reward program affiliated with the Washington Post. You attain points by playing daily quizzes, posting your resume, writing restaurant reviews and a whole host of other activities related to the Washington Post website. You can also attain points by shopping in local and regional stores. PostPoints is linked to CVS, Giant, and Shopper’s Food Warehouse so whenever you shop at either of these stores you’ll be rewarded with additional points. (Only 5 points per visit). This is the second time I’ve ordered gift cards through the PostPoints site and the cards I ordered last time arrived within a matter of days. This time I ordered two $10 Shoppers cards.

I tend to order free gift cards related to grocery stores, drug stores, or restaurants. I already know that I can save a lot of money in these areas, but the gift cards help us save a little more.

3 thoughts on “A Few Places to Get Free Gift Cards”

  1. I do my points too. Unfortunately, a few months ago I redeemed for a $25 restaurant gift card and I lost it!! =( I’m still hoping it will turn up. That was a lot of email clicks to lose. lol

  2. @justine — Thanks for nominating!

    @kristen — I’ve lost a couple of gift cards along the way. Now I keep them in my purse wrapped with a bright pink rubber band for safe keeping.


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