I Spent Twenty Cents on Dinner for Two Plus Dessert

This evening my husband and I enjoyed two meals and shared one dessert for a grand total of 20 cents. A few weeks before my birthday I signed up for Noodlegrams on the Noodles & Company website. A week prior to my birthday I received an email coupon for a free entree. I also received a Noodles & Company gift card as a present from my in-laws. So tonight, hubby and I drove over to the restaurant, used the free entree coupon to purchase my meal, and purchased his with the gift card. One yummy Pad Thai with Shrimp, one yummy Mac & Cheese with Parmesan Chicken. Total spent: $0.00

After dinner, we walked over to Coldstone Creamery, which is five steps away from Noodles and Company, and handed over another birthday coupon for a free Love It size ice cream. If you have a Coldstone Creamery in the vicinity I highly recommend signing up for their Birthday Club. You’ll be asked to enter your name and birth date, as well as the names and birth dates of any family members for whom you’d like to print birthday coupons. (Earlier this year I printed out a coupon for my Mom and slipped it into her birthday card.) The cashier charged us 20 cents for the ice cream, which I’m assuming covered the tax. My husband and I sat outside the ice cream shop on a wooden bench and shared a strawberry sundae with hot fudge and M&Ms. Total spent: $0.20.

So for a mere twenty cents we enjoyed two meals and a cup of strawberry ice cream. Tonight will be my last night of birthday celebrations for 2008. Of course, I saved the most frugal night of celebrations for last.

6 thoughts on “I Spent Twenty Cents on Dinner for Two Plus Dessert”

  1. That is some excellent work that leads to being frugal, definitely. My only beef would be that there was no mention of a tip – servers work for a slave wage and really do rely on tips to stay afloat. Sometimes they do not even get insurance or other benefits from their employers. Still, great job on getting the freebies! Just 20 cents for GOOD ice cream is a great deal no matter what…

  2. @graduatedlearning — Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    @jerry — That’s a great point. Actually neither the restaurant or the ice cream shop in our town accept tips. Otherwise, we would have definitely let one.

  3. jerry – noodles & co. doesn't have servers so no worries there. šŸ™‚

    Happy birthday!

    and I do have a Coldstone down the street so may have to sign up.

  4. That has got to be the best frugal birthday meal ever.

    Signing up for birthday coupons sounds like a great idea. i wonder if there are many companies that do that in the UK.


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