A Few Things I Enjoy Spending Money On


I don’t like spending money. Really, I drag my feet whenever I’m required to purchase a big ticket item and I’ve been known to stand in a store aisle for two to three minutes trying to figure out which peanut butter is cheaper, the one on sale, the store brand or the full price brand if I use a coupon.

Although I am never a fan of pulling out my wallet I do find that some transactions are a little easier to bare than others. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • A deep tissue massage – I found an incredible massage therapist that works less than a mile from my home. She provides an 80 minute massage for $80. I used to feel quite guilty about spending money on my appointments, but have learned over time that my body is just not as functional without them.
  • Organic, delicious, in-season fruit – I’ll choose a juicy peach plucked at peak season over a cookie or brownie any day. I hate the winter months when my fresh fruit pile dwindles down to apples and pears.
  • Date nights out with my husband – These occur so infrequently that I think we’ve only had four in the last two years. It is nice to spend a little time together without the little man beside us. In fact, I need to do a better job of scheduling this on our calendar.
  • Activities that involve both my husband and son – Free activities are great, but I didn’t mind shelling out money this winter so the three of us could tour the zoo or paying twenty-five bucks to see the lighted displays at a botanical garden.
  • Mommy-and-Me classes – Before I had a kid these sounded so lame, but now that my son is here I love spending time painting, dancing and singing with him in group settings. (Of course, I love just enjoying time with him at home too.) I won’t pay $250 for the experience, but I really do enjoy spending time with my son and getting a little adult conversation from other mothers.
  • Gifts for other people – Nothing makes me happier than giving someone else a gift from the heart. A good friend stopped by yesterday to pick up a bundle of gifts for a baby due in May. I’m also sending a bunch to a former coworker whose wife just happens to be expecting on the very same day.

How about you? Do you have specific activities or objects that you enjoy spending money on?

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2 thoughts on “A Few Things I Enjoy Spending Money On”

  1. I like spending money on flowers, especially for others. I’ve cut back on gifts for others in general, but flowers make a big splash and are often worth the splurge for birthday and thank-you gifts. I also like to buy flowers for myself at the market every now and then.

    I like spending money on my daughters’ clothing, too — this was more fun when they were toddlers and I could still dress them as I wished. I bought a gorgeous Hanna Andersson winter wardrobe for my twins when they were 3 and truly enjoyed seeing their bright, cheerful clothes.

    As for myself, I love buying books and a new outfit, including shoes and accessories, once in awhile. I feel much better about myself if I buy 3 great items every season.

    • I also love to buy flowers for myself. I rarely do this, because my cat tends to eat them, which means I need to place them high above the mantel, but there is nothing that brightens up a room as much as a few fresh flowers!

      When my son was smaller I also liked to buy him clothes. Unfortunately boys clothes quickly become less cute as they age. Seriously, what little boy should dress in black and grey! It makes me crazy, but I can totally understand buying cheerful clothes. That’s one of the reasons I love summer clothes, they tend to be much more colorful.

      I’m also a sucker for books, but unfortunately I tend to accumulate more of them than I actually read šŸ™


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