A Reward Program Pays Off

My husband is a huge fan of diet coke. Now of course I know that diet coke is not the most frugal beverage of choice. I know that I should probably encourage him to drink more water and less diet coke, but hey we all have to live a little. Most of the time my husband buys diet coke from Costco, but I often find better prices at places like Giant and CVS, so I’ve started buying coke there whenever I find a really good sale.

The added perk of buying from Giant and CVS is that each twelve pack box contains a special code that can be entered on mycokerewards. Each code is worth 10 points and you can claim rewards for as little as 15 points. For 80 points you can cash in your points for magazine subscriptions to Redbook or Cosmo Girl. For 100 points you can subscribe to Good Housekeeping or Wired. As your point totals rise so do your options for redemption including hats, t-shirts, and additional magazine subscriptions. For 120 points you can subscribe to House Beautiful, Marie Claire, Smart Money, etc.

I cashed in 200 points for a subscription to O, the Oprah magazine. I looked on www.magazinepricesearch.com and found prices for this subscription ranging from $18 to $28. I think magazine subscriptions are a great reward. (Of course, I’m a magazine fanatic.) Considering the fact that my husband is going to drink diet coke regardless of the reward, I think it’s great to be rewarded with a year long subscription.

4 thoughts on “A Reward Program Pays Off”

  1. I’m a diet coke addict but usually only have the 3 point caps. Even have a little pile of them on my desk ready to type in. But with those and the free promo points I’ve found around the internet I’ve received good housekeeping and another subscription, Redbook I think and still have 300 or so points to play with. I’m not sure what I’m saving them for but I figure something fabulous will catch my eye sooner or later… probably movie tickets…

  2. I have gotten so much stuff from the coke rewards program. I get caps from my mom and assorted other people. in the year and a half that I’ve been participating, I’ve gotten 2 $100 sephora gift cards, a chiefs football, a jayhawks basketball, a pair of coke flip-flops, tickets to a chiefs game, and a few magazine subscriptions. It’s great.

  3. This is a great program. I’ve gotten a $25 Sephora gift certificate and a subscription to Smart Money. I’m working on using some points for Christmas.

  4. I didn’t notice any gift card options when I cashed in my points, but I’ll definitely keep my eye out for that next time.

    Just by chance my husband went to Costco the morning after I posted this. He pointed out that the Costco diet coke packaging has the reward code hidden on the backside of the plastic wrapping. I don’t know if it was always this way or if this is new. Regardless though the package is worth 25 points!


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