A Sad Realization: Selling My Digital Camera

In December of 2003 my husband bought me a digital camera for Christmas. He immediately opened the box and read the manual and less than thirty minutes later he used it to capture Christmas 2003. Although the camera was a gift for me I rarely used it. My husband, on the other hand, was always snapping pictures at family functions and events.

In fact, my husband became so interested in photography that I bought him a new camera, the Nikon D40, for Christmas three years later. Since the purchase of that camera he has gone on to become a semi-professional sports photographer shooting sporting events in and around the Washington D.C. area. As his passion grows so does his desire for new camera equipment. He’s purchased quite a few cameras and lenses since last December.

Despite buying new cameras we never got rid of the original camera, the one he purchased in December of 2003. He mentioned giving it away a number of times, but I didn’t want to give it up. I wanted a camera of my own and I fully intended to use it. But the truth is there never seems to be a reason to take it along with me. My husband’s photographs are better than ever and he always has his camera along to capture family events and occasions.

Finally, a few weeks ago I found a need to take photographs. I decided to use the camera to capture images for my recent eBay sales. I had been using the built-in-camera that comes with my phone but the pictures are really awful. I pulled the camera out of the bag and shot a few pictures but the camera wouldn’t work. No matter what I did the view finder and the image registered black. I figured it was a lost cause and left it at that.

Then just as luck would have it about three days later a warranty notice for my camera arrived in the mail. I had ten days to renew the warranty or it would expire. I rushed over to Best Buy the very next day to have the camera repaired and less than 10 days later Best Buy shipped it back to my home in perfect working order. I decided it was a shame to allow it to collect dust any longer. So I posted it on eBay where it sold for over $200.

I was excited about selling the camera until my husband said he was sad to see it go. In 2003 he hoped I would find an interest in photography. Clearly that desire never took hold.

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  1. Sad for him, but probably for the best for you. It’s an expensive item to keep *just in case*.

    I, personally, love photography and couldn’t part with any of my cameras. But – I am debating selling all of my card-making supplies. When I total up the $ I’ve spent on everything, it’s an expensive hobby that I spend less and less time on each year – and I question more and more whether it’s worth just letting them sit idle ..


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