Using Last Year’s Gift Cards to Pay For This Year’s Gifts

Last year I received a gift basket from Bath and Body Works with a not-so-pleasant scent. I was in a hurry on the day I arrived at the store to exchange it so I simply returned the basket for a merchandise credit.

On Sunday, I grabbed that merchandise credit and headed for the store. I arrived with $23.25 in credit and a coupon good for $10 off a $30 purchase. I purchased three body lotions and three shower gels for $30. All of the items were on sale for $5. They normally cost between $9 – $11 each. With the $10 coupon my total came to $21. Leaving me with $2.25 left to spare.

I think spa products make great stocking stuffers. They are a little too impersonal to be used as primary gifts, but at the right price they make great little ‘extras.’ Best of all they are consumable, which means they won’t create unnecessary clutter after Christmas.

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