A Very Inexpensive Gift for Someone You Love

Early this evening I straightened up a few closets in the house. I moved winter clothes to the back of the closet and summer clothes to the front. I piled up items that didn’t fit and I started a new bag for the donation center. When everything was back in it’s rightful place I stacked up a bunch of miscellaneous books and carried them over to the bookshelf.

On top of the bookshelf is a pretty glass jar filled with red and purple notes that my husband gave me for Christmas. On each piece of paper he wrote some little thing that he loves about me. I took the jar over to the couch and spent a few minutes reading each little strip of paper. I laughed at most of them and got teary while reading one or two.

It’s an extremely inexpensive gift that still warms my heart. It would make a perfect gift for anyone you love. Even if you have the money to buy something more expensive I guarantee that this gift will mean much more.

3 thoughts on “A Very Inexpensive Gift for Someone You Love”

  1. Wow, what a nice detail from your husband… congratulations Frugal Girl! You are 100% right, those are the kind of gifts that really spice up life and enlights a celebratios. My husband’s birthday is around the corner and I was just thinking of getting something at those gift stores like idakoos or gifts.com… now i’m considering something else.

  2. What a great gift. I did something similar once. I had a friend who had bouts of depression. He was heading out to backpack around Europe for a few months so I gave him a bag with little strips of paper. Some had good things about him written on them. Some were blank. I told him that he was to write good things about himself on the blank ones and then he could pull random ones out when he was feeling blue. He did like it – and I’ve kept the idea in mind just in case I ever need to use it again.


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