Amassing Wealth Before Age 30

I will admit that the path to my current wealth has been a combination of factors and events, everything from hard work, to luck, and just about everything in between. In the personal finance blogging community I seem to find few bloggers in the same financial standing as myself. For our age, (29 and 30), my husband and I have accumulated a sizable net worth, including two homes. We have no debt other than our mortgages and our primary home is set to be paid off before we turn 40. On Wednesday I was considering removing the details of my net worth from my blog, but Alex’s comment led me down a different path.

Rather than removing the details, (for now), I have decided to blog about the details of my financial journey. How have my husband and I managed to save so much money in just a few short years. Obviously, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it has taken many years and a lot of discipline to lead us to our current financial status.

As with any story mine cannot be duplicated, but some of the principle decisions and turning points in my life certainly can be. If you are reading this blog you may be too old for many of the decisions, but if nothing else I hope you can impart the thoughts and ideas on your own children.

My thoughts and feelings about finances were formed at a young age, but important decisions in high school, college, and just after graduation have been the largest factors in transforming my wealth. The posts that follow will retrace the steps of my journey.

6 thoughts on “Amassing Wealth Before Age 30”

  1. Excellent! I’m really looking forward to reading your posts. I am 27 (having gone to grad school)and am definitely looking for advice on building as much wealth as I can.

  2. I’m a new reader.. and a recent college grad. So I’m definitely looking forward to this series! Check out my blog if you have a chance… I’m sorry to say that I am not very good at “frugality” (the little things), but I have began investing. So… perhaps there’s hope for me yet!

  3. Hi Frugal Girl,

    I’m so glad you’ve decided to keep posting. This sounds like a truly inspiring series. I wish there were more blogs like yours in the UK. Over here everyone seems to be up to their neck in debt.

  4. Yep, sounds good. I’ve just recently started reading your blog as well, so I look forward to learning how to get going now that I’ve gotten into the “real world” of working, bill paying, and everything.

  5. So glad you chose this route. Now others can benefit from your knowledge and example. I may be past the stage where I can make the kind of difference in my finances that I’d like–wish I’d started more than a decade ago–but better now than never, and the more real life examples of ways to do that that I know about, the better. So, thank you!

  6. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I plan to describe the ‘ah-ha’ moments and decisions of my life that have led to my savings. Hopefully it’ll provide at least a little inspiration. With all the debt blogs out there I think we could all use that.


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