Young Bloggers with No Weight Behind Their Words

Before I proceed with this post let me tell you that I am 29 years old. Although I ride the line between Generation X and Generation Y, I am not out of touch with recent graduates. After all, graduation was eight short years ago, and had I taken an extra year or two to graduate, I would only be 6 years out of college.

So when I came across this
tonight, I suddenly lost sight of my 29 years and began to think of myself as a stodgy, hard working 60 year old. The author of this post discusses a make-believe world in which he will work hard for ten years and then quit the rat race to spend time at home with his imaginary wife and children. He estimates he’ll have about a decade to become a successful business person.

Everyone in the world can talk about who they want to be, how much they want to make, how much they want to save, and when they want to start a family. But not everyone can live up to their potential, meet their needs, or heck even have the goods capable of producing children. I realize that bloggers can blog about whatever they want no matter how willy-nilly their thoughts may be, but I wonder how closely this gentlemen represents the thoughts and feelings of other young workers.

The author goes on to say he’ll start some type of business and build it for ten years. When it’s time for work to take a backseat to family, I will be able to hand over the reins to my impatient apprentice and I will only work when I need to. Although, the goal of spending time with one’s family is noble, does he not realize that it is the goal of almost everyone. There are few who prefer their work families to their own wife and children. Since 23 wasn’t so long ago, I can remember how naive I was about the working world, but come on… talk about illusions of grandeur.

Rather than talking about imaginary successes why not discuss the steps you’ve taken to achieve success or provide the details for your grand business adventure. I hope this gentlemen continues to blog. I’d love to see what his real future holds.

2 thoughts on “Young Bloggers with No Weight Behind Their Words”

  1. I don’t see what’s so wrong with him publishing his dream life. I have a dream life, I’m sure you do. I think he’s writing about his hopes for the future and I doubt he thinks that that will 100% happen. Life changes. Things happen.

    But he does have a point that in the past, I think people have forsaken family for success and a lot of 20somethings have changed on that front. They demand work-life balance. I saw a survey once where 20somethings saw that as the number one concern going into the future compared to older workers.

  2. Yes, yes, I understand: the dream life. We all have big dreams, but to reach those dreams you have to start moving forward. And by moving forward I mean coming up with a more detailed plan than ‘some type of business’.

    I agree that family should come before work, and I think those of us with workaholic parents would agree. But finding the balance is the trick, and just deciding after 10 years to hand over a business, for which you don’t yet have a business plan, seems quite a bit out of reach.

    Plus if this blogger is so concerned with the work/life/family balance then why is he suggesting working himself to the bone for the next ten years? In general it just doesn’t make any sense.


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