An Instruction Manual for My Birthday

Dear husband, for my birthday I don’t need diamonds. I don’t need pearls. I don’t need expensive gifts of any kind. I don’t need a fancy night out on the town. I don’t need a flaming dessert and pricey wine.

For my birthday all I want is you and these three very simple things.

  1. I want you to select a recipe for my birthday dinner. I will go to the store with you to buy the ingredients and I will cook with you, (since that’s something I love to do), but I want you to pick the meal, create a recipe list and take charge in the kitchen.
  2. I want homemade chocolate covered strawberries. We typically have chocolate chips and cream on hand, but you will need to pick up the fruit.
  3. I want something to stick a candle in. This could be a chocolate covered strawberry, a cupcake, a piece of cake (even Entennman’s). Also I only need one candle, but you will have to sing happy birthday to me, wait for me to make a wish, and give me an enormous kiss.

I would rather have these three things than anything else in the world!

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