Book Review: How To Turn Your Mom Into a Monster

Book Title: How to Turn Your Mom into a Monster by Aurora Whittet
Category: Children’s Fiction, 40 pages
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publisher: Wise Ink Publishing
Release date: Oct 2, 2017
Tour dates: Oct 16 to 27, 2017
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Do you like smearing your lunch all over yourself? Do you fight with your sister just because she’s there? Do you find yourself unable to go to bed because mysterious ninjas keep stealing your pajamas? Then you’re a little monster! Guess what: Mom can be a monster too! It’s up to you to make your mom’s monster come out to play . . .

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Book Review:
How to Turn Your Mom Into a Monster is a cute and funny little book about the ways children annoy their parents and get under their skin. All of these little irritations ultimately make mom frustrated, thus turning her into a monster. If you have children who make messes, fight with their siblings, stink up your house and find every excuse not to go to sleep at night then your kids will probably get a kick out of this illustrated story.
My six year old and two year old sons wanted me to read this book aloud a number of times. My youngest son really enjoyed the monster illustrations, which look like a cross between monsters and aliens. My oldest thought the story might be “dangerous” for some kids. He was worried that some children might purposefully try to irritate their moms. He’s a rule follower and he told me some of his friends shouldn’t read this book, because they might start acting badly. He did find the story funny though. Especially the part about tooting.
Overall I think this is a very fun kids book with illustrations that will capture your child’s interest and a story line that most kid’s will find amusing. Although my son was worried about kids who might start behaving badly as a parent I don’t think this book would have any impact on a child’s behavior, but of course you know your kid better than anyone and should read the book to yourself before sharing it with your child.


Meet the Author:
Aurora Whittet started out as a wild red-haired girl in Minnesota dreaming up stories for her friends to read. Today, she has completed Bloodmark, Bloodrealms, and Bloodmoon of the Bloodmark Saga trilogy, Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love, and How to Turn Your Mom into a Monster. She’s a national award-winning graphic designer in her day job. Aurora lives with her family in Minnesota.Connect with the Author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

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