Book Review: Alycat and the Monday Blues

Book Description:

Alycat wakes up with the dreaded Monday Blues and is certain that nothing will go right. But when a mishap sends her astray, she discovers that helping a friend will help her discover her own hidden talent—curing her Monday Blues.

My Thoughts:

This is a very sweet story featuring a cat who isn’t exactly sure how to participate in the talent show. When she unexpectedly comes across a friend playing the saxophone she finds a hidden talent. Both the ability to write lyrics and the ability to sing along with her friend’s merry tune.

My two and five year old children loved listening to this story. I think it helps that I sang Alycat’s song in a very funny voice. My children love to sing so the very next morning I came downstairs and found them singing about tough days and missing socks. We sang Alycat’s song while we got ready for school and in the car on the way to class.

My oldest son loved how the cat is initially worried about finding a talent, but ultimately goes on to win the whole show. As a parent I liked that the cats had to practice in order to win. It’s always nice to show characters in children’s books that work hard to achieve their goals.

The images in this book are quite colorful. They captured my children’s attention. My two year old stared at each page quite intently and pointed out various visual images along the way.

This is a particularly good story for children who love to sing. Both of my children loved listening to the song in the middle and end of this story. In fact, the continued to sing it days after we read the book. This is a cute little story your children will really enjoy.

Meet the Author:

Alysson Foti Bourque is the author of the Rhyme or ReasonTravel series, and the multi-award winning Alycat series. Alysson received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a law degree from Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge. She believes that there is an Alycat in all of us, encouraging our imaginations to guide us through new opportunities and adventures. ​

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