Pampers Baby Dry Review

We all know that it costs a ridiculous amount of money to raise a child. The latest estimates ring in at a whopping $233,610 between your child’s birth and the day he or she turns eighteen. Before the birth of your little bundle of joy you will inevitably spend time weighing the financial decisions impacting his arrival. You will think about the big-ticket items like doctor’s bills and hospital charges and furniture for the nursery, but you may also find yourself contemplating smaller purchases for just about every single item your baby will touch, eat or play with.

Do you spend extra money on organic products like sheets and bedding? Do you make your own baby food or buy it in a jar from the grocery store shelf? Do you purchase adorable new clothing or head to the thrift store for second-hand items that cost a fraction of the price?

Some items make a bigger impact on your wallet than others. For example: buying a minivan is a much bigger expense then your particular choice of crib sheets. Some purchases occur just once in a lifetime and others happen over and over again throughout your child’s life.

While it is important to consider the financial aspect of your decisions, it is often true that choosing the cheapest option is not the wisest choice. Take diapers for example. The cost of diapers can certainly add up throughout the first two or three years of your child’s life and while price is certainly a factor to consider when it comes to diapers there are other, more important considerations to make.

The most important aspect of diapers isn’t cost. It’s finding a brand of diapers that doesn’t leak. Let’s face it new moms and dads don’t get much sleep as it is. The last thing you want is a leaky diaper that consistently wakes your child from his or her sleep.

As a frugal fanatic I tried every inexpensive brand of diapers available, but after a few nights of wet crib sheets I gave up on those low-quality options in favor of Pampers. I wanted a trusted brand that would provide my son, husband and I with a good night’s sleep. When my second son was born over two years ago I didn’t bother with inferior diapers. I picked Pampers Baby Dry right off the shelf.

These diapers are made of safe and gentle materials that keep my son dry for up to 12 hours. When I put my son to sleep each night I know that a wet diaper will not wake him throughout the night. The Extra Absorb Channels pull moisture away from his skin and keep him dry until the next morning.

While thickness may not matter to an infant, who spends most of his time sitting or laying still, a toddler needs a thinner diaper that will allow him to walk, run, skip and jump. Pampers new Baby Dry diapers provide optimal absorbency without the cumbersome thickness. Since we started using this brand we haven’t experienced any leaks or blowouts.

I cannot say enough good things about the Pampers brand. I was provided with a free pack of Pampers New Baby Dry diapers for writing this post, but I can honestly say that Pampers Baby Dry has been my primary brand of diapers for more years than I can count and the latest modifications have just made them better than ever.

Pampers leak protection is superior to every other brand I’ve tried, including many other name brand options that continually leaked during both daytime and nighttime use.

On a side note: If you use Pampers or plan to use them in the future make sure you sign up for the Pampers Rewards Program. Simply enter the code found on participating packages of diapers and wipes on the Pampers Rewards website or iPhone app. It takes mere seconds to enter and you can earn rewards ranging from free photo prints and photo calendars to toy shopping carts, scooters and JCPenney gift cards. I’ve earned hundreds of dollars worth of products in the last three and a half years.

Note: I was provided with a free pack of Pampers New Baby Dry diapers for writing this post.

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