Boston Trip Final Tally

Here are the totals for our trip to Boston:

  • $10 – Tickets for the T
  • $78 – Dinner on Friday
  • $0 – Continental Breakfast
  • $9 – Lunch at the Game on Saturday
  • $1.80 – Hot Chocolate
  • $6 – Turkey Wrap
  • $33 – Dinner on Saturday
  • $0 – Appetizers at the Hotel
  • $3 – Chocolate Covered Strawberry
  • $31 – Sunday Brunch
  • $1.50 – Chocolate Covered Strawberry
  • $2 – A Pack of Gum at the Airport
  • $9 – Bottle of Water and Salad at the Airport
  • $20 – Water Taxi Trip for 2 Back to the Airport
  • $359 – 2 Nights at the Marriott (plus 2 Bottles of Beer)
  • $208 – Airfare for 2

Total Spent: $771.30

Where we could have saved…

  • The chocolate covered strawberries in Quincy Market were twice the price of the ones on the North End and only half as good. If you are ever in Boston skip Quincy Market and head straight to Mike’s Pastry. If I could have transported Mike’s strawberries I would’ve brought at least half a dozen home.
  • We ate a late breakfast on Saturday, but by the time we got to the game we started to feel hungry again. The miniature pizza and flat soda were certainly not worth the $9 concession food price we paid.
  • My husband purchased an inexpensive turkey wrap that we could munch on as a late night snack. (We figured this would prevent us from calling for room service.) Unfortunately we didn’t shut the door to the fridge completely and when we returned to the hotel we found a very warm and inedible wrap.
  • Poor planning led to the salad at the airport. I thought about picking up something to take on the plane for dinner, but didn’t. I could have found a much tastier meal for less money.
  • Lastly I spent an extra $12 choosing seats on Air Tran Airways. This wasn’t entirely necessary, but did ensure we sat in the front of the plane. I absolutely hate waiting to get off an airplane!

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