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I interviewed this week for a new job within the company I currently work for. I had a phone conversation the previous week and a series of face-to-face interviews on Monday. I think the interviews went well and I’m pretty certain I can have this job if I want it. I should find out more soon.

If I were offered the job today I’m 99% sure I would take it. The biggest perk is that the new job will be ten miles from my house. My current job is over 35 miles. Without traffic it will take 25 minutes to get to work. Even without accidents and congestion it takes me at least 45 to drive to my current job.

That alone is enough to make me convert, but there are other incentives as well. First, it’s a different side of the company, one that I’m not at all familiar with. The business is much more complicated and I’m extremely interested to learn more about it. Second, I’ll be using technologies that I’m not an expert on. I’ve used them from time-to-time on other jobs, but it’ll be nice to dig in and learn something new. Third, the manager and I have great synergy. He brings a lot of energy and excitement into a room and I enjoy his enthusiasm.

I’ve extended my job search outside of the company, but I’m not sure those jobs can compete with my current salary and my ability to work-from-home. I hate to admit it, but I am very spoiled in my current position and it will be difficult to move on.

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  1. make sure you aren't confusing 'being spoiled' with being complacent.

    The thing you need to realize is that there is a reason you put your paperwork together and applied for a position other than the one you currently have.

    10 miles you can commute on a bike, leave for work later, get home earlier, etc….

    You get to say w/in the company you are currently employed. so all of your 401k, vacation or pto, etc will just move over. From this regard you aren't starting from scratch.

    You get to learn a new part of your organization which helps keep you sharp AND more valuable ($$) to the organization.

    And you also get you broaden your knowledge of technologies. I don't think i need to explain this benefit, but it's also really big.

    Last and most importantly you are going to be working with someone whom you feel would be great to work with. Think of it as the spark for the fire. Working with great people is a reason you stay in a position or move to another.

    …so i guess i'm scratching my head asking 'so what's the 1% holding you back?'

  2. @Merry – Thanks for the well wishes.

    @Dave – I've been in this same group for quite a long time now. Sometimes it's hard to kick old habits. I'd say that's part of the 1%. The other issue is that the new job might be more stressful. The hiring manager assures me this won't be the case, but nothing can be more relaxed than my current gig.


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