Worth the Money

My husband and I are about to head to the airport and return home from our short trip to Boston. My team lost the game we flew up here to watch, but the trip was more than worth the price we paid.

Our plane landed just as the sun was setting and we stepped out of the gate and onto a shuttle to the T within a matter of minutes. The T cost just a few dollars per ride and our hotel was three stops from the airport and just outside of the station’s exit. We settled into the hotel for just a few minutes and then walked down to the North End for dinner. We chose a small Italian restaurant where I ordered the most expensive seafood dish on the menu.

We wandered around the North End and settled back in the hotel to hang out for the remainder of the night.

Our hotel had a few extra perks we weren’t expecting including a concierge level complete with continental breakfast, hors d’oeuvres, dessert and an honor bar. We visited that spot overlooking the wharf a couple of times in between our ventures out of the hotel.

We woke up late on Saturday morning and ate free bagels and hard boiled eggs before walking over to Government Center where we picked up the Green Line and rode it all the way to Boston College.

We spent $9 on concessions during the game, because we were both a little hungry and looking for something to eat that would tide us over until we ate a late lunch or early dinner. On the way back home we stopped at a local deli where I ordered a small cup of the most delicious hot chocolate I think I’ve ever tasted.

There is something so comforting about walking the streets of Boston with a warm, cup of cocoa in hand. We wandered around with no particular destination in mind. We visited Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market and walked up and down the streets before heading back to our hotel.

The rest of our trip went much the same way. The majority of our activities involved walking, eating and riding the T. It was nice to venture around with no particular place to go. We enjoyed lots of tasty breakfasts and rich desserts.

It was the perfect way to spend the weekend and worth every penny we spent. It’s still cold in Boston and it was nice to walk hand in hand through the streets trying to snuggle close and stay warm.

3 thoughts on “Worth the Money”

  1. Eating, walking, and taking the T around town…sounds like typical Boston! Glad you enjoyed your visit…even if your team lost šŸ™

    Haven't been to the North End in ages…I should get back out there for something tasty!

  2. Welcome to my hometown! Each city has it's own energy and it sounds like you embraced Boston's despite the cold and snow! I love your blog! Your stories really resonate with what's going on in my life although you seem to do it much better! Keep writing….

  3. My cousin lives in Boston, so it is on my must visit list.
    sounds like you had an almost perfect weekend ( apart from your teams performance )


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