Budgeting Software for Your Cell Phone

Does anyone use budgeting software to track spending from their iPhone or Blackberry? At the suggestion of a friend I’ve tried out a few iPhone applications, but none of them really seem to have everything I’m looking for. In the short term I downloaded Balance, which is the most basic of applications. I’m currently using it to key in purchases so I don’t have to carry around a bunch of receipts.

If any of you have used budgeting or tracking software that you like please let me know. In particular I’m looking for an application that will seamlessly allow me to transfer data from my iPhone to my home computer.

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  1. I use mvelopes on my computer. they have a seperate html site for your phone. You can view balances in each envelope, account balances, add transactions, etc. the actual version of mvelopes is a much overlooked software itself. It thinks the way I do. I use the envelope system. It’s not free though.

  2. I started to use Mint. However, I’m leery of any software that wants my login information to my banking, credit cards, you-name-it. They say they’re safe, and at least one review says it, but…really? I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    If you do put such software on your phone, make sure to password protect your phone at very least!

  3. I don’t have an iPhone but do have the G1 from Tmobile.. I’ve tried all the budgeting apps that I could find and nothing is really what I want…

    Hopefully, something amazing will come out soon!

  4. I love mint.com, and it works with the iPhone. I understand that you (Nim) are afraid of giving the info that you are asked to give it, but I see that Money mag, PC mag, and several other sources have fully backed it. It is such an amazing way to keep track of your money…

  5. I checked out mvelopes and mint.com, but I’m not sure either are exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t know if I need all of that information on my cell phone and at my fingertips. I think I need a more basic version of both applications.

    I also agree with Nim about mint. I’m a little leery about software that wants my login information. Nevertheless I think I’ll try both tools out. Thanks for the suggestions.

  6. Try buxfer. It has very good mobile interface. You can create an account without linking to your bank/credit card directly. But you have to enter all the transaction yourself.


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