Am I Too Trusting?

On January 31st I sold two sets of basketball tickets to two brothers from Baltimore. When the brothers arrived to pick up the tickets one of the brothers immediately paid me in cash for one set of tickets. The other brother reached in his pocket, then hesitated and asked if he could send me a check for the other two tickets later in the week.

I really wanted to get paid for both sets of tickets that day, but I ultimately agreed that I could wait for his check to arrive. As a sign of good faith I handed over both sets of tickets. I waited a full week for the check, but it never came. I contacted the second brother and asked when he mailed the check. He told me he hadn’t mailed it yet. Then he asked if I could wait a few more days to be paid.

Again I begrudgingly agreed to wait and even suggested that he pay me on the day of the game, but as time passes I am now beginning to wonder if I will ever be paid.

13 thoughts on “Am I Too Trusting?”

  1. In the future… I’ll definitely require payment at the time of pickup. Although I wasn’t scammed this time your stories have made me realize I might not always be so lucky.

  2. good! so glad it worked out. but i think you should probably deal in cash from now on. esp since checks are so easy to stop payment on.


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