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Pampers Baby Dry Review

We all know that it costs a ridiculous amount of money to raise a child. The latest estimates ring in at a whopping $233,610 between your child’s birth and the day he or she turns eighteen. Before the birth of your little bundle of joy you will inevitably spend time weighing the financial decisions impacting …

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Pampers Premium Care Review

Before my first son was born (sometime around the beginning of my third trimester), I read a blog post about stockpiling diapers. It sounded like such a great idea. Of course, I wanted to save money on diapers, and what better way to save than by taking advantage of promotional sales? I was already making …

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Extending the Love

I was hesitant to have a shower for baby #2, but oh so happy my family decided to host a sprinkle despite my reservations. Other than one former coworker the attendees were all family members and extremely close friends. All the people I love so dearly. I didn’t see the invitation but I was told …

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