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Pampers Premium Care Review

Wearing Pampers

Before my first son was born, (sometime around the beginning of my third trimester), I read a blog post about stockpiling diapers. It sounded like such a great idea, of course I wanted to save money on diapers and what better way to save then by taking advantage of promotional sales? I was already making a weekly trip to stores to stock up on household items for free or nearly free, so why not add diapers to the list of items I bought there?

There are all sorts of websites that provide estimates for the number of diapers you might need in the first year of your child’s life.

If you search the Internet you’ll find a ton of diaper approximations that look similar to the list below:

  • Newborn: 6 packs (approx. 216 diapers)
  • Size 1: 4 packs (approx. 160 diapers)
  • Size 2: 16 packs (approx. 640 diapers)
  • Size 3: 19 packs (approx. 684 diapers)

I had no idea if these numbers were accurate, but I wanted to buy at least a few packs in advance of our first little bundle of joy.  I skipped the newborn sizes, (all ultrasounds estimated my baby would be quite large), and skipped ahead to size 1 and 2. I didn’t go crazy, but I did amass a small mound of packages.

I bought the cheapest diapers I could find through a combination of sales and coupons and built a tiny stockpile in various sizes. I proudly stacked them in the closet feeling quite accomplished with all the money I saved.

Or so I thought…

Unfortunately those stockpiling efforts were a complete waste of time. Despite all of my best efforts my son consistently leaked while wearing the diapers I purchased.

After a few nights of consistently waking up wet, and thereby preventing me from any chance of restful slumber, I gave up on that brand of diapers. I gave them all away for free and promptly replaced them with Pampers. Wouldn’t you know my son didn’t suffer a single leak after switching brands.

I am now a loyal Pampers fan. I’ve tried a few other brands, (received as hand-me-downs and free samples), but none of them were as soft and absorbent.

Pampers isn’t always the cheapest brand, but with coupons and sales I consistently find great prices in drugstores, Walmart and through Amazon. The quality and peace of mind I get make them worth every penny.

When SheSpeaks presented me with the opportunity to participate in the Pampers #MothersPromise program I could not hit the Enroll Now button fast enough!

Pampers Box

Pampers just released a new type of diapers called Pampers Premium Care, which contains the following features:

  • Absorb Away Liner: Pulls wetness and mess away from baby’s skin
  • Breathable Material: To keep air circulating around baby’s skin
  • Extra Absorb Channels: Helps distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours of protection
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wetness Indicator: Lets you know when your baby might need a change
  • Available for purchase at Walmart later this month

Pampers Features

I bought a box of size 3 diapers to try on my youngest son.

The first thing I noticed about Pampers Premium Care diapers is just how soft the material feels. The texture is silky and smooth not stiff and hard like many similar brands. I’m honestly shocked by the softness. It feels a lot like a fluffy cotton ball.

The material seems to be just as absorbent as any other Pampers we’ve tried. The absorb away liner and extra absorb channels kept my son dry throughout the day and night without any leaks or blow outs.

Premium Care diapers also contain the patented wetness indicator that is ultra helpful for new parents. As a new parent it is often difficult to determine whether or not your baby needs to be changed.

Thanks to the wetness indicator you don’t need to guess. You simply look at the yellow stripe down the center of the diaper. If it turns blue you know it’s time to change the baby. This is also helpful when grandparents and other family members babysit. If they aren’t sure if the baby is wet tell them to look for the blue line.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint I think the baby animal designs are absolutely adorable. The package I received contained lots of pastel colored tigers, hippos and elephants in the top center of each diaper, which match our nursery’s jungle theme.

And although neither of my boys struggle with allergic reactions it’s still nice to know the diaper is hypoallergenic. If your little one tends to break out from disposable diapers this may be the brand to try.

These diapers did seem slightly larger than the Pampers Swaddlers my youngest son currently wears. Although the weight range is the same for both packs of diapers there appeared to be more wiggle room between the Premium Care elastic around his legs.

You actually get more diapers in the smaller packs. Size 1 contains more diapers than size 2, size 2 more than size 3, etc. So if they do run slightly larger that would be a minor money saving advantage as your child can wear the smaller size for a longer period of time.

I cannot say enough good things about the Pampers brand. In addition to the package of diapers I received a Pampers memento box and book. Inside was a note that read:

Every day with your baby is like a new page in your story together, so use this book to write those promises and keep your memories of every special moment.

Motherhood does feel like one long story just waiting to be told. What will happen along the way? How will our relationship strengthen? Who will my child become? I keep journals for both of my boys and I couldn’t agree more.

It was a true honor to participate in this program. I am a HUGE fan of Pampers. Their leak protection is unlike any other brand we’ve tried and we use their diapers and training pants exclusively.

On a side note: I couldn’t write about Pampers without mentioning their rewards program. If you use Pampers or plan to use them in the future sign up for the Pampers Rewards Program.

Each package of diapers contains a code that can easily be entered on the website or through the Pampers Rewards app on your iPhone. It takes mere seconds to enter and you can earn rewards ranging from free photo prints and photo calendars to toy shopping carts, scooters and JCPenney gift cards. I’ve earned hundreds of dollars worth of products in the last three and a half years.

Note: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Pampers.

Pheladi Kola

Monday 30th of August 2021

I'm reading the reviews about papers premium care, to my disappointment I am expierancing the total opposite. I've been using another branded product, didn't have any issues, but when I went to go buy they didn't have the size I wanted, so I thought let me try pampers premium (although it's more pricey), plus it's been said it's the best. The very first night of using the diaper I woke up to a crying baby thinking his hungry, only to find that the diaper has leaked and his entire back is wet. I changed him, fed him and we went to sleep (this was around 4am, and before I went to bed at 10pm I changed him. In the morning around 7 I changed him again and noticed his wet around the legs and the waistline. I got frustrated and sent an inbox on Tweeter, then I was referred to a link, which I sent an email(no response). For the past 3 days I've been changing diapers 3 time every night. Although they don't leak coz I change almost every 3 hour, but I noticed that his bum is wet, and his now waking up every 3 hours because his irratated. I've used this product before as it came with the hospital bag when the baby was born, and I didn't really have a problem, although new born have nappy change almost every hour because they stool alot. I suspect that this pack in specific was not properly tested, but I am unhappy and I don't even want to finish the because my son will get used to the habit of waking up every three hours, and 4 months has been peaceful at night as he was only waking up once for feed.