Saving Money on Groceries: That’s a Lot of Chicken!


I prefer to buy organic or all natural chicken for my family, but it’s so much more expensive than the other stuff our grocery store sells. Every once in a blue moon our grocery store offers buy-one-get-one offers and from time to time the price is dropped to $3.59, but the full retail price is typically $5.99 a pound.

When I received the latest email from Peapod offering chicken for $3.99 I decided to stock up. I wound up purchasing twenty 1.5 pound packs.

The invoice estimates that each pack weighs roughly 1.6 pounds so I was charged $6.38 per pack. Although peeking through the bags I believe most of the packages actually weighed slightly more, which means my money stretched slightly farther than that.

I saved $3.20 per item. Multiply that times twenty and I see a hefty savings of $64.08.

Now what’s a girl to do with thirty-two pounds of chicken? Well my husband and I cleaned it, sliced it, diced it and packed it into freezer bags. We include enough in each bag to feed three of us a meal plus a little extra left over for the next night.

chicken 3

We lay the chicken flat in each bag so it thaws quickly. When preparing meals I simply open the bag and pour the perfectly prepared chicken into the pan; no dicing or extra slicing required. It takes more up front effort but it’s one less thing to do on a busy day.

Do you ever stock up on meat or produce? What is your favorite go-to meal?

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