Discussing College Costs with Your Kids

This spring did your facebook feed light up with high school graduation announcements? Did you see the pictures of young men and women dressed in caps and gowns? Do you know what comes after those photographs? A litany of college announcement posts; smiling graduates holding up acceptance letters, dressed in the colors of their new … Read more

Preschool: Decision Made

Last week I made the decision to visit the co-op preschool one last time. My husband told me that it would be a big waste of time, (he has been voting for the traditional preschool since January), but I wanted to make peace with my decision once and for all. I also wanted to meet the woman … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Co-Op Preschools

I am not much closer to choosing a preschool for my son, but I did take some time to write down a list of pros and cons for each. Co-op Preschool Pros: No Forced Separations Shorter Days (2.5 hours) Parent Participation Parents Love the Co-op Approach Price Socialization between Myself and Other Moms Co-op Preschool Cons: Didn’t Get … Read more

Preschool: Traditional or Co-op?

Believe it or not I still haven’t settled on a preschool for my son. I began contemplating the preschool versus no-preschool option at the end of last year and visited a few open houses in January. I applied to two schools in our area and my son was accepted into both. Initially I wavered on … Read more

Thoughts on Preschool

I attended a couple of preschool open houses over the past month. I’m still not convinced that I actually want to send my child to preschool, but I want to know what options are available when I finally make a decision. Have I mentioned that I absolutely hate making decisions? Yes, a million times. Well … Read more

Free Online Brain Training Games

I’m totally hooked on the brain games at Luminosity, but my trial subscription ran out and I really don’t want to pay $14.95 to play for another month. My husband and I own a Wii and a Play Station 3, so I poked around at games I could purchase, but I really don’t know one … Read more

Inexpensive Instructional Courses

I just got back from my first paid meditation class of the summer. I participated in a free class a few weeks ago, with the same instructor, and enjoyed the course so much that I paid $65 tonight for a four course series. Meditation courses can be a strange experience. You enter a room full … Read more

Lesson #3 — Intern, Intern, Intern

Welcome to Lesson #3, in accumulating wealth before age 30. Of all of the decisions I have made in my life interning has definitely been one of the most rewarding and valuable. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I have worked for the same employer since I graduated from college, but as a college student … Read more

Lesson #2 — Attend a State College

One of the largest factors in determining your future wealth begins well before you set out on your career. It occurs when you choose which university to attend. In an ideal world, you should aim to pay the least amount of money for the best possible education. If a private institution will provide you with … Read more