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Discussing College Costs with Your Kids

This spring did your facebook feed light up with high school graduation announcements? Did you see the pictures of young men and women dressed in caps and gowns? Do you know what comes after those photographs? A litany of college announcement posts; smiling graduates holding up acceptance letters, dressed in the colors of their new …

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Preschool: Decision Made

Last week I made the decision to visit the co-op preschool one last time. My husband told me that it would be a big waste of time, (he has been voting for the traditional preschool since January), but I wanted to make peace with my decision once and for all. I also wanted to meet the woman …

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Thoughts on Preschool

I attended a couple of preschool open houses over the past month. I’m still not convinced that I actually want to send my child to preschool, but I want to know what options are available when I finally make a decision. Have I mentioned that I absolutely hate making decisions? Yes, a million times. Well …

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