Inexpensive Instructional Courses

I just got back from my first paid meditation class of the summer. I participated in a free class a few weeks ago, with the same instructor, and enjoyed the course so much that I paid $65 tonight for a four course series. Meditation courses can be a strange experience. You enter a room full of strangers and then close your eyes and act as though none of them are in the room with you. In fact I spent the majority of the last hour and a half in a dimly lit room with my eyes closed. The instructor guided us through a series of qi-gong movements, followed by a simple mantra meditation, mindfulness meditation, and finally a mindful dialogue.

I enjoyed the class so much that I’ve decided to participate in a few others this summer. I’m signing up for water aerobics, which is $60 for 10 sessions and tai-chi, which is $80 for 10 sessions. Instructional courses are one of the best benefits of living near the university. The commute is short, less than a few minutes away, and the courses are usually inexpensive. Where else can you find an exercise class for only $6 to $8?

** Gift Twelve of the 29-Day Giving Challenge: Allotting time and money for meditation.

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