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Day Ten & Eleven: Reusable Grocery Bags & Bridesmaid Dresses

My husband thinks I should stop blogging about the 29 day giving challenge and get back to blogging about personal finance, so I’m combining days ten and eleven here.

My tenth gift was a gift to the environment. For the first time ever, I used all four of my reusable totes on a trip to the grocery store. Usually I forget to bring the bags into the store with me, but yesterday, I remembered all four of them. I managed to leave the store without using any plastic bags.

My eleventh gift was a donation to the Priceless Gown Project. The organization provides free prom dresses to young girls who could not otherwise afford them. I mailed two, pink, brand-new bridesmaid dresses to the organization this morning.

One Frugal Girl

Saturday 14th of June 2008

Anonymous -- Ultimately I decided my dress could make some young girl very happy. I felt so good about donating, that I also donated a few other dresses that I've worn to black tie weddings.


Friday 13th of June 2008

re: the bridesmaid dresses

Go Frugal Girl! Much better than pillows. =)


Saturday 7th of June 2008

My wife and I love to use the reusable bags. We just bought some sturdy canvas bags that our local store was selling and we use them for every store we go into. The small things can be insurance for our environment.


Rachel @ Master Your Card

Tuesday 3rd of June 2008

I have really got into reusing bags - I hate having to get any bags at the supermarket. One of ours gives loyalty points if you do not use a carrier bag, some allow you to join a special queue which is usually shorter and some even charge for bags now. It is great to be reducing my clutter and helping the environment.