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Free Online Brain Training Games

I’m totally hooked on the brain games at Luminosity, but my trial subscription ran out and I really don’t want to pay $14.95 to play for another month. My husband and I own a Wii and a Play Station 3, so I poked around at games I could purchase, but I really don’t know one from another.

I was wondering if any trusty readers of One Frugal Girl might be able to help me. Do any of you know of a good brain training/memory game for adults that I can play online for free or that I could buy for our Play Station or Wii?


Thursday 22nd of March 2012

I would love to know that also ... But here's some help

It list 10 free sites

jollibee's history

Thursday 6th of January 2011

well wht can i say cos i cant help out u in this case,,,but if u really want to play game so i think u should buy it,,,