The Big Purchase of 2010

After years and years of talking about remodeling my husband and I have finally decided to replace all of the windows in our home. Our current windows are downright awful. Some of them require keys to open, some fall down as soon as you prop them up, some screech like crazy when you try to open or close them, some are cracked and the rest are letting the bugs in.

I am a huge fan of opening the windows on a nice day. I grew up in the country and most days if you opened the front and back doors you would feel the most amazing breeze. I know it won’t be quite the same here, because we have quite a few trees around our home, but I can’t wait to open all of the windows to let the fresh air in.

At first we talked about replacing just a few windows. Primarily the ones in the back of the house, which funny enough is where we live, but eventually we decided to replace them all. Our house was built in the 50s, so the glass is all single pane and not at all energy efficient.

We decided that replacing all the windows made the most sense from an energy efficiency standpoint and also because quite frankly the house would look strange with some old windows and some new windows. We also figured we had more leverage for negotiation if we asked the installers to install all new windows in our home.

We called up a company and signed a contract to have over 30 windows in our home replaced. The contract added up to a larger amount than the purchase of our last two cars!

Still I’m tickled pink to replace all the windows in our house. We moved in nearly ten years ago and the thought of replacing them struck me about four days after moving in.

Now let’s hope I don’t lose my job before paying off this big bill!

5 thoughts on “The Big Purchase of 2010”

  1. We did new windows last year and it's SO worth it! Definitely check around, too, there are lots of rebate programs. Last year our utility was offering a special program so we only paid 20% of the cost and the utility picked up the rest (and got free insulation, too).

  2. After years and years of talking about remodeling my husband…

    Had to read that twice. At first, I thought it was the husband who was getting the remodel; I was mightily impressed šŸ˜‰

  3. I replaced all of my windows in 2007 and I love the result. What I have developed with hindsight is the wish that I'd gotten more than one bid. I seriously think I may have paid too much. I may not have, but if I'd had a couple of bids done, I'd be sure.


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