One Resolution for 2011

My goal this year is simple. I simply want to focus on making better decisions in my life. That includes decisions on what food to eat, how hard to work, how long to exercise each day, what type of exercise to do each day, which books to read, which meals to cook and how and where to meditate.

I want to focus more time this year on my actions and the consequences associated with them. I want to try my best to focus on the things that really matter. I want to take time each day to reflect on my choices and to make decisions that will help me to become a better, stronger, smarter and more compassionate person. In essence, I want to live each day more mindfully.

For some reason I often fail to make the best decisions when it comes to my health. This year I vow to spend more time focusing on what I eat, how much I exercise and how often I meditate. I don’t want to set specific goals for any of these actions, but I do want to wake, set a course for the day and try my best to follow through with it.

If I choose not to eat fruits and veggies or choose to work long hours when I know that I shouldn’t, I want to make certain that I am mindful of those actions and the consequences associated to them. I don’t want to spend 2011 in a blur of mindlessness. I don’t want to go through the motions of living. I want to be conscious of my thoughts and moments that make up my life.

I’d like to set a specific goal for the year. Maybe I should resolve to write my decisions/goals in a journal. Each morning before I get out of bed I can write down exactly what I want to accomplish that day. It will consistent of small things, like eat five fruits and vegetables or walk for 30 minutes during my lunch break.

At the end of the day I can look back through the journal and determine just how many times I succeeded and how many times I failed. The goal is not to get down on myself when I fail, but rather to write down why I failed. For example, I’d like to write down what issue popped up that day that convinced me to put other things before myself and my health.

Hopefully I’ll fulfill my goals more often week after week and if I don’t I hope that the journal will help me to see just how little time and effort I spend focusing on my health. Seeing the words in print should help me turn my life around.

4 thoughts on “One Resolution for 2011”

  1. This very simple goal will lead to tremendous results. Your only insurance for moving forward through life is one positive decision at a time. Good for you.


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