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Tuesday Night Link Love

A few recent articles and posts… Real Love is a Choice On women, pressure, and inadequacy Want a successful career? Look for this trait in a spouse Having Enough Why You Should Stop Saying “I Can’t Afford That” How to deal with sentimental clutter Are diamonds worth investing? … I really enjoyed! Photo Credit Subscribe …

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Saturday Night Link Love

A Few Favorites from the Past Few Weeks: The Difficult Joy of Not Escaping – Love the idea of sitting in silence. 5 Strategies When You Feel Like Giving Up – A few really good ideas What if we only bought the stuff we loved? – I am striving to meet this goal in 2014! …

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Monday Night Link Love

A few posts that I really enjoyed reading: How Clutter Affects Your Brain (and What You Can Do About It) Living With Less. A Lot Less. Holiday Shopping. We Can Do Better. Giving by Spending (carefully) The art of forgiveness 20 Great Lifehack Lists Everyone Should Read Happiness Is a Choice, Not an Ultimate Goal …

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