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Finding Myself Again

As part of my fanatical decluttering I gave away the majority of my wardrobe. To be honest I grew tired of looking at drawers full of clothes that didn’t seem to fit properly anymore. Some items didn’t really suit my taste and others were from a time long gone by. There were those button down …

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Simply Annoyed

In just a few days my family will leave for our annual beach vacation. We take two major trips to the beach each year; one that marks the start of summer and one that marks the end of it. I’m in charge of figuring out everything we might need, packing it up and more often …

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When Money Saving Tricks Fail

As I was waiting in line at my local TJ Maxx I watched a woman scurry over to the checkout counter. “Can I leave this here?,” she asked, rolling an oversized piece of luggage into a corner next to the carts. A few minutes later she reappeared. “Can I leave this here too?,” she asked …

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