How to Become a Stay At Home Mom

It’s a decision that weighs on many parents shoulders. Should I stay-at-home with my newborn baby or continue working? When faced with the decision I cried over the idea of staying home and broke into tears over going back to work. I didn’t love every aspect of my job, but I gained a lot of … Read more

The Words of Wisdom I Wanted to Hear

I met K in the sixth grade. After transitioning from a very small elementary school I found myself navigating the waters of middle school for the very first time and doing my best to make new friends. K was the new kid at school and after a hellish fifth grade experience with a mean girl … Read more

Resenting the Stay-At-Home Decision

As I was digging through a series of emails I came across the offer for a job I declined two and a half years ago. My monthly salary on the initial offer was just over $12,000 per month. I planned to start the day my little guy turned six months, but as the date drew … Read more

Why Do I Feel Guilty?

Last week I spent two hours out of the house, all by myself, at a spa. I left my son in the care of my in-laws and took advantage of the spa week savings. Instead of paying $100+ dollars for a facial I spent $50. Instead of paying a $100+ for a pedicure I spent … Read more

Above All Else You Need a Plan

Life is full of decisions. There are the every day questions we ask ourselves like should I eat egg salad or peanut butter and jelly? Should I go to the store today or wait until tomorrow? And then there are those bigger decisions that weigh on your head and your heart. Those questions differ for … Read more

Will I Ever Need to Work Again?

It seems kind of crazy to think that I haven’t driven to an office in over a year and a half. In November of 2011 I held my newborn son and simultaneously waited for my severance check to arrive. My unexpected layoff and associated severance package was a blessing, but I still wasn’t prepared for life … Read more

The Most Magical Year of My Life

If you are a long time reader of this blog you know that I was laid off a week or so after my son was born. I lined up a job that was set to begin when he turned six months, but as the start date of my new position approached I had a change … Read more

It’s Definitely Meant to Be

If you read this blog you know that I struggled with the decision to stay-at-home with my son or return to work as a software developer. After months of weighing my options I decided I wasn’t ready to return to the working world quite yet. My journey to become a stay-at-home mom is an interesting … Read more

Decision Made!

I hate to make decisions. Really, it is one of my worst qualities. It’s a funny thing actually. I have a lot of faith that things will work out for the best. Given that philosophy you’d think I could leap and not worry so much about where I might fall. Before making any decisions I … Read more