Why Do I Feel Guilty For Spending the Money I Saved?

I’ve been saving money for no particular reason. I’m just a saver and so I did my best to squirrel my pennies. I clipped coupons, I searched for bargains and I stayed out of stores. I sold unwanted items on eBay and promised myself to limit future purchases of items I do and did not … Read more

Step 4: Consider the Impact to Future Earnings

In my quest to stay home with my son I’ve discussed eliminating unnecessary expenses, adding up expenses and the cost of insurance. The next point of focus is the effect of my choice on future earnings and retirement. If I step out of the workforce for a couple of years my future salary will likely … Read more

Step 3: Realizing It’s Not Just About the Paycheck

In choosing whether or not to stay home with my son I really need to review the money that we will lose on a bi-weekly basis as well as all of the benefits that come with full time employment. Since my husband is self employed I took advantage of all of my employer’s benefits. They … Read more

Step Two: Add Up All Monthly Expenses

If I really want to stay home with my son I need to figure out just how much money we spend each month. After looking at some of the numbers I must say I feel slightly house rich and otherwise poor. The biggest chunk of change certainly comes in the form of monthly mortgage payments. … Read more

Step One: Eliminate All Unnecessary Expenses

Right now my husband and I own three vehicles all manufactured prior to the year 2000. Two vehicles, (an Explorer Sport and Jeep Wrangler), only have two doors. The Jeep doesn’t have a back seat and the front seats in the Explorer are broken. Right now they are rigged in such a way that the … Read more

Contemplating the Stay At Home Option

As time passes I am more and more thankful and grateful for the opportunity to spend each and every day with my newborn son. If it had not been for the large layoffs at my former company I would be expected to return to work this week. Thankfully the fates aligned and rather than returning … Read more