Step One: Eliminate All Unnecessary Expenses

Right now my husband and I own three vehicles all manufactured prior to the year 2000. Two vehicles, (an Explorer Sport and Jeep Wrangler), only have two doors. The Jeep doesn’t have a back seat and the front seats in the Explorer are broken. Right now they are rigged in such a way that the back seat is completely unusable.

So for now we have only one car in which we can safely install a car seat for the baby. It’s a Toyota Camry that I bought from a family member. I’m quite tall and the car is rather low to the ground, compound that with a history of extensive neck and back problems, and it can be very difficult to get the baby’s carrier in and out of the back seat.
Before our son arrived my husband and I discussed the possibility of purchasing an SUV, which would be higher off the ground and have additional space to carry the plethora of baby equipment around town. We would sell or trade in the Explorer Sport, but it’s so old and in such poor condition that I don’t think we’d get much for it. The Kelly Blue Book value is less than $2,000. That wouldn’t make a dent in the $30,000 cost of a new SUV.
Now that I’m thinking of staying home and saying goodbye to my solid six figure salary I’ve decided that all unnecessary expenses should be cut. First on the list is the ‘new to us’ SUV. It’s going to continue to be difficult to get the baby in and out of the car, but I don’t plan on traveling too much with him on a daily basis. With just a couple of trips a week total to places like the local library, friend’s houses, etc. it shouldn’t be such a big deal to put up with the Toyota for awhile.
When we had two large salaries coming in each month we thought nothing of spending a few thousand on home improvement projects, landscaping or new kitchen appliances, but with one less income we need to watch where each and every dollar is going. So the next step is to cut any future home projects that aren’t entirely necessary. That included a couple of landscaping projects my husband had planned.
We’ll still keep a list of goals, which will include these items, but for now their time horizon is being extended to a much later point in the future. My next step is to review our monthly bills. I do this every so often, so I don’t intend to find much fat to trim, but it certainly won’t hurt to review the options and see what else can go. Netflix is first up on the chopping block.

2 thoughts on “Step One: Eliminate All Unnecessary Expenses”

  1. Lots of people told me I would need a bigger car for baby. Well, turns out I just need a smaller stroller, edited diaper bag etc… I drive a Toyota Scion and it hasn't been a problem at all. Her big Graco 65 car seat works just fine and we were even able to fit the grandparents in with us for a trip to church on Christmas eve. Not having a car payment is worth any kind of squishing at this point.

  2. @Jane – I think you're right. I have already created a smaller diaper bag. It contains only the essentials. It fits better in the trunk and it's lighter to carry.


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