Those Extra Pounds Forced Me to Clean Out the Closet

I lost much of the weight I gained during my pregnancy in the week or so after my son was born. I’m not sure how much I gained from start to finish, but I have a general idea of how much I weighed when it started and how much I weighed the day before Baby A was born. After stepping off the scales this morning I realized I’m still ten pounds above that starting point. Unfortunately, I was ten pounds heavier than I would like to be when I got pregnant, so overall I’d like to lose about twenty pounds.

As I look through the closet I can’t believe how many pieces of clothing no longer fit. I can blame some of it on the size of my chest, which has temporarily expanded with the help of exclusive breastfeeding, but the rest of it is due to the extra weight collected around my midsection.

With a little one around I have very little time to shower and get dressed each morning. I take five to ten minutes to wash off and a second or two to route through the drawers for something to wear. I found myself going a little crazy this morning as I reached in the drawer and found shirt after shirt that just wouldn’t fit.

After laying my son down for a nap I pulled each and every item out of the dresser and created two separate piles. The first pile contained all of the articles of clothing that don’t fit. The second, a minuscule pile compared to the first, contained the remaining items that I can still wear. The shirts and pants that still fit were folded neatly and placed back inside the large dresser drawers. The majority of items in the ‘does not fit’ pile were folded and placed into boxes. A couple of things were bagged up for charity.

I’m not upset with the way my body looks. After all, my body gave birth to a happy, healthy, beautiful child. After enduring years of pain I wasn’t certain what my body was capable of, so carrying and delivering my son has given me a whole new perspective on just how strong it is.

Soon enough I am bound to find myself chasing after my son. As he learns to crawl, walk and run I want to make certain that I am able to keep up with him. As I contemplate staying-at-home and pausing my time in the working world I feel that my wardrobe needs to reflect my desire to help me look good while remaining comfortable.

This year I plan to treasure the moments with my friends and family. I plan to look my best by finding time to exercise with my son and to remember that my body proved stronger than I ever would’ve imagined. I want the clothes in my closet to reflect the happy, healthy life I hope to maintain.

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