Christmas in the Summer Time?

As the nesting instincts settle in I took an hour or so to straighten out the contents of plastic bins that recently made their way onto shelves in our basement. Among the neatly sorted items I found a number of gifts I purchased for family members last year.

I’m not typically a fan of buying gifts well in advance because it means the recipient is more likely to get stuck with something they might not want. After all they won’t be able to return or exchange a gift that was purchased six months prior to the time they received it. However, every once in awhile I break this rule and buy items for family members that I’m pretty certain they’ll love.

As I was digging through the bin I found six gifts that will make their way under the Christmas tree this year. Rather than placing them aside and dealing with them when the holidays roll around I decided to pull out the wrapping paper. So strangely enough I now have six wrapped Christmas presents waiting to be opened. This definitely seems a little crazy, but I’m blaming the nuttiness on pregnancy hormones.

Despite the fact that it’s only August wrapping those gifts immediately put me in the Christmas spirit. I found a few great coupons for $10 off a $10 purchase at various stores and used them to purchase stocking stuffers for my sister-in-laws.

Since the baby is set to arrive around the end of October I have a feeling a lot of my Christmas shopping will be performed online this year. I don’t see myself dealing with the hassles of long lines and crazed shoppers in November and December. I’d like to create wish lists for my family members and place price watches on items I think they might love. It’s just one more plan to set in place before the little one arrives.

4 thoughts on “Christmas in the Summer Time?”

  1. I don't buy a ton of gifts ahead of time, either, but occasionally I find it really useful–especially for people who are hard to buy for. My MIL is really tough to shop for, so my husband and I are pretty much on the lookout for the perfect gift year-round.

    I use those $10/$10 purchase coupons for gifts all of the time! They are so helpful. I can often buy clothes and gifts for my daughter, my niece, and all the other little kids in my life for next to nothing.

  2. Makes perfect sense to start the Christmas shopping earlier. I know someone who buys their Christmas gifts for the following year from the previous years boxing day sales. Its actually a nifty thing to do. Whats the saying"collect firewood during summer".

    Beating the crowds during the lead up to Christmas shopping is another positive thing. Unless online shopping is your thing. Been seeing a lot of retailers worldwide promote cool gifts for people on tight budgets. A true sign of the times.

  3. Good idea! Get it done now, and not procrastinate…I keep saying every year I'm going to start early, then life gets in the way. Kudos to you for starting…at least no matter what you can always say 'Oh, I already started my holiday shopping and wrapping' šŸ™‚

  4. @Cate – the cashiers often laugh when I reach the register, because more often than not I find gifts for exactly ten dollars. It's not good for the store, but it's good for my pocket. Children's gifts are typically first on my list too.

    @FrugalVibe – I try not to buy too much to far in advance, but if I'm 99% certain it's a gift the recipient will love then I pull out my wallet. It does feel good to prepare and take the stress out of holiday shopping.

    @spaghetti – the amount of things I purchase early definitely changes every year. One year I was completely done by thanksgiving!


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