Classing Up the Joint with IKEA Furniture

Early this year my husband and I were forced to replace our living room furniture with IKEA sofas and chairs. The transformation started in April when one of our cats decided to spray his scent all over our home. That first trip to the IKEA store was quite a sad one. My husband and I decided we could not get rid of the cat, despite my numerous threats to do so, but we also couldn’t keep the furniture the cat had soiled. We didn’t want to buy expensive, quality furniture in case the cat decided to spray again, so we headed to IKEA.

This was a big deal for the two of us. My husband and I have had very few fights in our relationship, but for some reason we have always fought about furniture. It’s odd actually, but for some reason most of our trips to furniture stores have resulted in tears and angst.

Our home is now a hodgepodge of furniture. Our living room and foyer are filled with beautiful wooden tables, chairs, and hutches passed down by my husband’s grandparents. As a housewarming present to ourselves we also purchased a gorgeous china cabinet, which was filled with subsequent wedding gifts, and a new dark-wood bedroom set. Our living room on the other hand is filled with two cat scratched wing back chairs, handed down by my in-laws, an old cat-torn sofa from NC, and four IKEA chairs. We also have a number of mismatched and irregular sized tables that don’t fit the space.

I will now secretly admit that I have grown to like the IKEA furniture quite a bit. I am quite tall and the chairs all have high backs that make them quite comfortable. Throw in a couple of cheap ottomans and you have a nice cozy place to sit and blog. We purchased two Jennylund chairs from IKEA which have removable covers that can be washed should the cat decide to do his deed, which thankfully he has refrained from for now. IKEA makes a number of different slipcovers so if one becomes ripped or torn you can buy another one for $79. Tonight I came across a great website that makes classier slipcovers. If your IKEA furniture is in need of a little updating check out: Bemz. They have slipcovers for quite a few IKEA sofas and chairs. If my cat continues to behave himself I think I have a new slipcover in mind.

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