Cleaning Out the Fridge Never Felt So Good

This month I’ve vowed to waste less food. Well, truth be told I vow this every month, but this time I’m taking the vow more seriously. We have two refrigerators and a freezer in my home and with so many appliances around it’s tough to keep track of all the ingredients that might spoil.

So one afternoon while Baby A was sleeping I rummaged through the fridge, checked expiration dates and sorted through the fruit and veggie bins.

I found a plethora of foods in need of consumption. Among the list were cream, milk, carrots, onions, potatoes, yogurt and tomatoes. I turned to the Internet and searched through my online recipe boxes in search of tasty recipes that would allow me to consume everything before the expiration dates kicked in.

I am happy to report that I cooked my a** off for the past five days and made a ton of tasty meals in the process.

I used up a portion of the milk, onions and carrots baking one chicken pot pie and preparing two others for the freezer. I also prepared tikka masala, which enabled me to cook down all of the tomatoes, (I used fresh instead of canned), half of the cream and all of the plain yogurt that had been hiding in the back of the fridge.

With the majority of items checked off the list I made a delicious baked potato soup recipe. That tasty dish used up the remainder of the heavy cream and all of my remaining potatoes.

I’ve never felt so good about cleaning out the fridge before. I not only used up each and every bite of the expiring items, but I made some unbelievably tasty food in the process. Best of all my husband and I loved each and every meal!

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    • I’ve been cutting back in that regard too. After thinking about this more closely I’ve also come to the realization that I should probably start menu planning. If I knew exactly what i was going to make each week I could make certain to buy only the produce and dairy products we needed for those meals.

  1. As you might remember I live on a very tight budget, so I was very happy when I found the Love Food Hate Waste website: it’s chock-full of useful advice on how to keep your fridge and pantry organized, which staples you can’t go without and also has a “what food you need using up?” section with lots and lots of yummy recipes. AND it saves you money! 😉

    Here’s the link if you’d like to have a look:


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