I Found a Use for that PayPal Money

Last week I blogged about the $4,000 I racked up in my PayPal account. I decided to transfer the money to a real bank account because it wasn’t earning interest and as Little Miss Moneybags pointed out the folks at PayPal can freeze your account at any time.

It took years of selling unwanted stuff and earning advertising revenue to reach that $4,000 number and I’m pretty proud of the final total. It just goes to show that pennies really can add up.

I wanted to do something special with the money but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. First I transferred the money out of my bank account and then I waited for genius to strike.

Last night it hit me. I decided to use the funds to initialize my son’s 529 account. I love the idea that I earned the majority of that money by getting rid of clutter. By purging our home of unwanted stuff I cleared a larger space for my family and I to spend time together.

In that space we now enjoy more of each other’s company and spend less time focused on moving, cleaning and reorganizing. Not to mention that the little tike came with a whole lot of equipment of his own. It’s almost as though I cleared out our house just so I could fit all of the baby equipment that I needed in those first few months!

It feels very special to think that all of those eBay transactions and advertisements on this blog will help fund my son’s education.

By the way I didn’t dump the entire contents of my PayPal account into my son’s 529. I kept a little money aside to have fun with. I’m not exactly sure how it’ll be spent, but I rarely splurge on things for myself and wanted to retain some money in case I come up with a fun plan for it.

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