Could this day get any better?

So this day started off with a trip to the dentist. Not exactly a great way to start the day, even worse when the dentist doesn’t provide enough novicane before drilling. With two cavities filled, my lips dry, and my mouth already aching I went back to work. Within an hour I had a splitting headache and of course my mouth hurt too much to eat or drink anything. Not to mention it was so numb that I would’ve bitten off my tongue. As the day went on my headache grew partly out of pain from my mouth and partly from hunger. I’ve had worse days and this was bad but certainly bareable until my husband came home and decided to get into an argument with me. Nothing like fighting when you don’t feel well. Of course, getting angry only excerabated my pain, so I decided to head upstairs to stare into the abyss that is the Internet. No such luck, just as I began typing this post the Internet stopped working. (I’m actually finishing this post from my iPhone). It’s raining outside and the satellite tv isn’t working either. I just want to lay my head on a pillow and wait for a better day tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Could this day get any better?”

  1. Sorry you had such a bad day! Too bad your dentist didn't give you enough of the good stuff!
    Hope today is a brighter day for you!

  2. I hate those days that just seem to snowball. Everything goes out of control. I know how you feel, and sometimes just venting helps. But if it didn't, I hope things brighten up soon.

  3. I always try to schedule fillings (I've had too many of them) immediately after lunch, to avoid the "I can't eat" situation, when possible.

    My dentists always seems to give me too MUCH novacaine, and I'm trying to get the feeling back for hours afterward.

  4. Thanks for all of the kind comments. Sometimes you just have to vent and let it a…..l…..l out. Today was actually a great day and it more than made up for the crappy one I had yesterday šŸ™‚


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