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I Think I Might Just be Addicted to Giveaways

It all started innocently enough. I entered a giveaway for a book on a personal finance blog and won. Feeling a bit lucky I ventured onto a few other sites and entered giveaways for a bunch of small items. The next thing I know I won a board game, a gift for my niece, a handful of coupons for free grocery items and then a $250 gift card!

I decided to enter a couple each night just to see what else I could win. I haven’t been nearly as lucky since I started the hunt for prizes but every once in awhile I seem to win something. I haven’t won anything as big as the gift card in quite awhile, but I still take ten to fifteen minutes every night just to enter and every so often I get an email notifying me that I won.

Funny enough I started seeing a lot of the same names in the contests I enter and I’m beginning to wonder how many other folks have gotten addicted to these giveaways. I don’t typically enter the contests with hundreds or thousands of entrants. I stick to the small contests and only enter for things I want for myself or that I’d like to giveaway to others.

An addiction to giveaways seems pretty safe, as long as I only allow myself a few minutes to enter each night. There are thousands and thousands of contests out there and I’ve read a few bloggers who spend hours entering!!!


Tuesday 14th of July 2009

@One Frugal Girl, thanks for clarifying. I bet companies go after blogs that have the best or most traffic for their target audience. That makes sense.

One Frugal Girl

Monday 13th of July 2009

@marci -- I think many companies seek out blogs and provide bloggers with the items to 'give away.' I've been approached this way a couple of times, but I must admit every once in awhile I come across a strange product that doesn't seem to fit the blog and I've wondered if the blogger might have received the item as an unwanted gift.


Thursday 9th of July 2009

I enter those giveaways but then I never win. So at this point for me, it's a waste of my time. Plus you have to go to their blog to check the next day who the winner is.

I've always wondered...Do they purchase these items to giveaway themselves or does the company give them these items for publicity? Any ideas?

One Frugal Girl

Wednesday 1st of July 2009

I never thought about keeping track of my wins, but maybe I should do that just for kicks.


Tuesday 30th of June 2009

I rarely find/enter them - though I can see where it would be fun to win! :)