Counting My Blessings on Thanksgiving Day

Just a few things for which I am deeply thankful:

  • An amazing husband who shows his love and affection each and every day. (Even on those days when he is not particularly happy with me.)
  • My parents whose love is so unconditional that I have never doubted it.
  • My 88 year old grandmother who I’ve grown to love more and more as she ages.
  • My brother and his family, who I don’t see nearly as often as I should.
  • Amazing friends with whom I’ve shared tears and laughter.
  • My kitty, who’s not quite a kitty anymore, but still purrs right on cue.
  • A good job that pays me well and allows me to flex my gray matter from time to time.
  • This country, which provides me with opportunities and privileges that women in other parts of the world long for.
  • My life… in general.


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