Do You and Your Spouse Maintain Joint Bank Accounts?

My husband and I hold all of our cash and investments in joint bank accounts, but most of my friends maintain their money separately. I wonder if anyone has ever studied the impacts of joint versus individual bank accounts on a marriage. A lot of my friends seem to think they’ll argue more about money if they have to keep all of their money in one place, while my husband and I think we’d argue more if we kept everything separate.

I’ve been thinking more and more about this topic since I read Financial Infidelity. The book focuses on a variety of topics concerning relationships and money and the entire time I read the book I couldn’t help thinking, “wow, my husband and I never fight about money.” I keep coming back to the belief that my husband and I don’t argue about money because we maintain all of ‘our’ money jointly.

If you’d like to win a paperback copy of Financial Infidelity simply leave a comment describing your financial arrangement with your spouse: Do you hold your money jointly or individually and does this arrangement work well in your household? If you aren’t married just tell me how you think you’d keep your financial house in order.

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11 thoughts on “Do You and Your Spouse Maintain Joint Bank Accounts?”

  1. My husband and I keep all the money in the joint account. He will deposit most of his paycheck into the account and keep a small portion for allowance. If we need to purchase anything for the household or any big items, we will use the money in the joint account. If he wants to buy something for himself such as games, coffee, etc, he will use his allowance money. I do the same as him as well. I think this work out very good.


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