Wasting Money on Greasy Pizza

I was in the mood for pizza tonight. Although we cook at home almost every night of the week I just didn’t want to muster up the energy to make something this evening. I wanted to be lazy and let someone else make my dinner. I wanted a big slice of pizza.

I ordered carry-out and picked up the pizza and some chicken fingers from the Papa John’s store just a mile or so from our house. As soon as I brought it inside I opened the lid and noticed the grease. I could see the dark shadow on the cardboard just beside the crust. I lifted a slice and sure enough a large pizza shaped grease triangle appeared before me.

I thought about calling the store to complain but I figured it would do me no good. College students work at our local pizza joints and they could care less if you are unhappy with your order. I did write an email to the company’s headquarters, but I honestly don’t expect them to refund my money or compensate me for the bad meal.

It’s funny, I contemplated ordering a pizza for a full twenty minutes. When I cook at home I typically make healthy meals and I knew I didn’t really need to eat a slice of greasy pizza for dinner. Perhaps, the arrival of inedible food was a sign that I should stick with a more nutritious meal plan the next time I feel too lazy to make dinner.

7 thoughts on “Wasting Money on Greasy Pizza”

  1. Life is too short for bad pizza… on the other hand, life is too short not to order out for pizza. The solution: order out for good pizza!

  2. You might be right… it may have been so long since I last ordered that I can hardly remember what it should taste like šŸ™‚ Either way I think I will pick a different pizza joint next time.

  3. And that is why I make my own. Even if I use the little bag of crust mix that you add water to, its just as fast, and much less hard on my stomach.


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