Do You Consider Yourself Lucky?

Over the years I’ve entered and won quite a few contests. I used to keep a list of prizes on a page on my old blog, but unfortunately when I moved to Word Press it was accidentally deleted. I don’t enter often, but every once in awhile I go on a bit of a binge and spend thirty minutes or so filling out forms and crossing my fingers.

I must be pretty lucky, because I’ve probably won at least 50 contests in the past two to three years. Considering I don’t enter very often I think that’s pretty good. My best prize was a $250 gift card to Marshalls. A few of my other favorites were a box of really tasty BBQ sauces, jewelry, children’s games and movie tickets. Just this morning I received notice that I won a book in a contest I completely forgot I entered.

A few weeks ago I entered the Spring Cleaning Blog Contest and won a $250 gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I won a similar contest in February. These contests required more work, (I had to write a blog post and get selected by a panel), but they really inspired me to try my hand at more literary contests in the future.

Overall I consider myself an extremely lucky person. I have a good family, good friends and relatively good health. In the past I held down good jobs and earned a good income and now I’m living out my dream of staying home with my son. I feel luckier than just about everyone I know.

It’s not all attributable to luck. I’ve had to work hard for quite a lot of what I have, but at the end of the day I believe luck plays a role in at least part of my happiness and success.

How about you? Do you consider yourself lucky? Do you enter contests? Which contests do you enter and do you find yourself winning a lot?

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