Millionaire in Training


How long do you think it will take you to attain one million dollars? They say the first million is the toughest and that after you reach one, two and three quickly follow. I used to think it would take me a lifetime to save that much money, but over the years I’ve noticed that a slow and steady stream of dollars will surely lead to the goal. Well that and a healthy boost from the market.

Of course, these days they say you need to save at least a couple million before you plan to retire. So when I saw this t-shirt in Marshalls I couldn’t help but laugh. Aren’t we all millionaires in training?

2 thoughts on “Millionaire in Training”

  1. I’d like to think that I will reach a million and still have time to start saving more! I think that it is much easier to invest when you have a lot of money, thus making a nice return on your investments. When you’re just socking away little amounts of cash into a “high-yield” savings account earning $5 a month, it will take forever. But it’s worth it!

  2. One million dollar?? I would consider myself lucky to get to 100.000…. So far the piggy bank says I should keep on trying šŸ™


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