What’s the Best Thing You Ever Spent Money On?

Here’s a question for you. What’s the best thing you ever spent money on? It doesn’t have to be an object, it could be an experience or a trip or anything else that you think was important and memorable. This question is difficult for me. I have a couple of competing ideas racing around in my head.

In reality the best thing I ever bought was a vial of botox. No, no it wasn’t to remove my wrinkles. It was to fix a problem with a tightened muscle in my neck. Prior to that injection, (which was considered experimental and not covered by my insurance), I suffered from daily bouts of never ending pain. Through a combination of that injection and biweekly trips to the massage therapist my pain slowly dissipated.  I went from spending less than an hour a day without aches and moved on to days without any.

I suppose I should also say that the trip to the emergency room and the subsequent surgery that proceeded that vial of botox were also high on the list. Without the medical services I received I wouldn’t be here today. That’s not being dramatic. It’s 100% true.

Since I didn’t have a say in the medical expenses, (I needed them to survive and be well), I think I need a second category for the best thing I wanted to spend money on. In that category I would have to place my beach house at the top of the list. It has provided more joy and memories than I ever could have thought possible.

On a much smaller scale I’m also glad that my husband convinced me to buy a video camera before my son was born. I spent part of the day reviewing videos from Baby A’s first six months. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed and how much I’d already forgotten about those first few weeks and months. I loved looking back and watching our little man grow again before my eyes.

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  1. I’m very happy with the purchase of my vehicle, a Honda CRV and my HP Laptop I bought from Costco for a great price.


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